In Texas, we have all sorts of bugs. And, we generally know what kind of bugs those are. There are your basics, like butterflies, mosquitoes, love bugs, wasps, etc. Then, there are some that tend to be a bit less recognizable. These are ones such as cicadas, locusts, cicada killers (or cicada hawks), etc.

Every one of these bugs has one big thing in common: If you hit them with a vehicle, they instantly become harder to identify. That's where I am now.

I walked out in the parking lot and saw this on the license plate of one of my co-worker's vehicles. Check it out:

bug 4

(I apologize if you were eating while scrolling through and saw that picture.)

However, I'm still curious. I honestly have no idea what kind of bug this is was. Here are a few more pictures:

bug 1
bug 2

Obviously, it would've been easier to identify BEFORE hitting it with a truck, but hopefully someone has an idea of what kind of bug this is. Let us know in the comment section below.

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