If Crawford, Texas sounds familiar it might be because that is where George W. Bush purchased his home after selling the Texas Rangers. It was a place for him to get away, and he is still there.

This home was built in 2007, well after the former president put down his roots in the area. Crawford is about 25 miles away from Waco, and the previous owners used this home as a short-term vacation rental. It was recently awarded the #1 Airbnb mansion in Texas.

This Huge Home Only Has Two Bedrooms

There are many quirky things about this property. This house is 3,592 square feet, but it only has two bedrooms. At least both bedrooms are huge and have their own connecting bathrooms.

This is a perfect vacation rental for a pair of couples to enjoy being out in the middle of nowhere. It may not be so perfect if you wanted to use it as a home and needed more than two bedrooms, but it could be a good reason for guests to stay close by and not with you for visits.

There are a lot of communal spaces found throughout the home, and the asking price is a hefty 2.9 million dollars.

Water Wheel Is Just A Water Feature On This Home In Crawford, Texas

I don't believe that the Water Wheel attached to the pool is a functional piece. It moves, but it is not making electricity or pushing a stone to grind corn.

It is a unique, water feature and is actually situated in the pool that surrounds the house. The pool appears to have been designed to resemble a moat without a drawbridge.

The house is right next to the Middle Bosque River. It's known as the Tonkawa River Front Retreat, or more affectionately "The Tonk”.

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Take a look inside this spacious retreat.

See Inside This River Front Retreat With A Water Wheel In Crawford, Texas

This property is huge with 10 acres of nature.

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So, yeah, if you're reading this there's a very good chance this home is out of your price range. Hell, it's out of the price range of 99.9% of us, maybe more. But that doesn't mean we can't peep in on how the other .00001% are living there in Houston, TX, right?

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