Tim McGraw and "The Git Up" singer Blanco Brown come together for a remake of "Don't Take the Girl" that no one saw coming. The country veteran reached out to Brown after learning his story.

The music video finds McGraw and Brown trading vocals on McGraw's hit from 1994. Actually McGraw doesn't so much as trade lyrics as he does start the song and pass it off to Brown, who moves through it with emotion over a veteran band on acoustic guitars.

The 52-year-old returns for the final verse, but once again lets Brown take it from there.

"Oh, that's a dream!" Brown says at the end as the two singers bro-hug. He goes on to explain why the song was so important to him and how hearing the purpose of McGraw's lyrics led him to live his life with purpose and not to "make my street circumstances a reality."

"Big fan, man," McGraw answers. "Let's do some more work together."

The introduction to the song explains that McGraw found out Brown was a fan of the song awhile ago, but it took individual trips to Australia to inspire the performance.

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