Over the weekend, Tim McGraw gave two newlyweds the surprise of a lifetime when he crashed their wedding in Philadelphia and performed during the father-daughter dance. A new video shows the bride, Lisa, in shock the moment she realizes it's really McGraw singing live and not a recording of "My Little Girl" while dancing with her father.

After the wedding, the happy couple called into San Diego radio station KSON's morning show John & Tammy in the Morning from their honeymoon to discuss what will surely go down as the most memorable day of their lives. Paul and Lisa admit that McGraw was "a big surprise" pulled off by Lisa's dad.

"He still will not reveal any of his secrets, so we have no idea," Lisa explains of how McGraw made it to their wedding. "He is one for making big surprises happen. He pulled the surprise of a lifetime off, obviously."

Lisa admits that it took her a while to realize that it was actually the real Tim McGraw singing at her wedding.

"It really took me quite a few seconds to process what was happening. My first initial reaction was, 'Oh, is this a Tim McGraw impersonator?' Truly, we're still blown away and still trying to process it all," she adds.

McGraw didn't perform just the father-daughter dance, though. As Lisa's husband explains, he played a 45-minute set of 10 songs at the wedding reception. "It turned into a concert," he marvels.

The bride and groom got to spend some time with McGraw after his performance, and Lisa shares that he is a wonderful man.

"He was so gracious, so lovely, so wonderful, gushing about the fact that he has three daughters and he looks forward to having similar special moments with them one day," she recalls. "He could not have been more wonderful."

McGraw will celebrate 20 years of wedded bliss to Faith Hill on Oct. 6.

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