Each year for 10 years now, ‘AARP the Magazine’ has presented Inspire Awards to pay tribute to those forward thinkers and innovators who move others to action through their deep passion. This year, Toby Keith is among the 10 individuals receiving the prestigious award, and he’s joined by such legends as conservationist Jane Goodall and Steve Jobs.

Described as “The Supporter of U.S. Troops,” Keith is being honored for his work with the U.S. troops in the Middle East. Since his first USO/Armed Forces Entertainment tour in the Middle East in 2002, he has returned eight times. Though his first trip was a tribute to his late army veteran father, his subsequent trips have been out of his individual desire to support the troops.

The country star has also been awarded the Distinguished Service Award from the Military Officers Association of America. On a trip to Afghanistan in 2007, Keith witnessed troops living without true homes, so as a response he began to sponsor the USO2GO program, a program that distributes care packages to the more remote U.S. bases in other countries.

You can read more about Keith’s award in a profile published in ‘AARP the Magazine,’ which will be available Nov. 25. The other honorees not yet mentioned here include Andy Czerkas, Sen. Daniel K. Inouye, Pat Summitt, Irene Zola, Hilton Kelley, Emilio Estefan Jr., Ret. Army Col. Bill Badger, Patricia Maisch and Roger Salzgeber.