When legendary country singer Tom T. Hall and his wife Dixie left their home in the hands of a married couple, they probably didn’t expect a shooting to occur on their property. But unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened over the weekend.

According to a local news station, one person was shot and another injured during a brutal argument at Hall’s south Nashville residence on Sunday night (June 10). Reportedly, the man and woman who were staying at the house invited a guest over for the evening. The three were writing songs when an altercation broke out and the woman shot the guest in the knee.

The shooting victim was taken to Vanderbilt Medical Center for treatment, and the husband — who also sustained some injuries in the accident — was taken to Williamson Country Medical Center. Nashville police took the woman into custody.

Hall was a country music mainstay in the 1970s and 1980s. His hit song ‘Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine’ is a memorable one — it even earned a spot in our Top 100 Country Songs countdown.

Thankfully, neither Hall nor his wife had anything to do with the shooting.

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