Ultimate Challenge Bullriding & Bullfighting is coming to the George Henderson Expo Center in Lufkin this Saturday, October 26. To get you ready for the toughest eight seconds on dirt, we've combed YouTube for some of the best bullriding and bullfighting videos out there.

When folks hear 'bullfighting', usually they think of Spanish Matadors doing battle with the bull. Somebody ends up dying. It's overall very unpleasant.

This time though, the bullfighters are out in the ring to keep everybody - the riders, the spectators, and the bulls - safe. These guys are trained pros, (and trained clowns) who also get judged on their technique. It's a competition inside the regular riding competition, and it can be just as tough to win!

There will be over 60 riders and eight championship fighters in the arena on Saturday night, who will all showcase their skills while taking care of the animals. The Cowgirl Chicks will also be on hand and entertaining the audience with their pyrotechnic show and truck riding display.

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    Ronnie & Donnie Sparks

    Acrobatic Bullfighters

    The Sparks Brothers will be at Ultimate Challenge this weekend! They specialize in jumping over oncoming bulls, as they steer them away from fallen riders. This time around, they'll be judging the bullfighting competition. Make sure you don't miss them this weekend!

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    Ty Murray vs. Little Yellow Jacket

    The Beginning of The Legend

    Little Yellow Jacket's career as the PBR's star bucking bull was just getting started in 1999, when this ride at the Finals in Vegas took place. Ty would go on to become a World Champion bull rider, and Little Yellow Jacket would go on to become the PBR's "Bull of the Year" three times over.

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    Rob Smets

    Professional Bullfighter

    Mr. Smets lives, eats, and breathes bullfighting. He's broken all kinds of bones in his body. He's been crowned World Champion Bullfighter five times over. The way he describes bullfighting, it's a noble art in the name of "presenting a better target for the bull than the [fallen] cowboy." Rob approaches his job with almost a zen-like calm, even though he's going to have to stare down over a ton of solid, man-crushing bull. He's no clown - he's a bodyguard.

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    Top 8 Rides of 2013

    Professional Bull Riding's Top 8 So Far

    Riding bulls is tough! These guys were so good though, that they made the top 8 list for 2013. With a few months still left in the year, who knows what might happen next!


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    JW Hart vs. Crossfire Hurricane

    The Bull Wins

    Pretty often, the the bullrider gets thrown off. It happens. It's all a part of the sport. When it does go down, the bull gets scored too - in this case, Crossfire Hurricane got a very respectable score. Great form and technique from the animal.