It's a new year, so lets put on our thinking caps and resolve to be better humans.

Why do we feel obligated to make New Years resolutions? This is very pernicious behavior, and it's just so personal. I make resolutions all the time, but they aren't all that life changing. The last thing I would do is actually tell someone what that resolution is. That would come off as petty, greedy, or self serving. When people ask me what mine are, I always just say "save money". Something they would never see, or be able to quantify, unless they were looking at my bank account. No one wants to fail in the eyes of others. I don't need pressure from other people, on top of the pressure I put on myself, to make that goal reality. So I made a list of very East Texas resolutions that you can use if you get cornered into telling someone your hopes and dreams for 2018.

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    Not To Put Ruts in the Front Yard

    I vow not to take matters in my own hands when someone parks me in. In 2018 I will not rut up my front yard. I will wait patently for someone to come move their car. Not just put my truck in 4WD.

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    Not Go To Walmart Before 11pm

    I know my limits, and in 2018 I vow to stay out of Walmart till at least after my grandmother goes to bed.

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    Stop Rubbernecking

    This year when I see a fire, fight, or car accident, I won't be there to stare in disbelief. Join me on this one!

  • Getty Images/iStockphoto
    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Not To Call Someone Out On Facebook

    Just because it's someone's fifth marriage "that you know of" doesn't give you the right to talk smack so their Uncle Paul can read it.

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    JillLang, ThinkStock Images

    No To Drive Down One Lane Dirt Roads

    If I have to hit the ditch if someone else is coming the other way, I might just not go to your house in 2018.

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