Tracy Lawrence had something on his mind when he sat down to talk to Taste of Country Nights about his new Made in America album. His 16-year-old daughter had just gotten pulled over for going so fast the police officer couldn't even clock her!

The father of two had just gotten the call and he admits that his wife was fuming mad. She's the constant disciplinarian in the house, he shares. Lawrence is the one who weaves in and out to back her up or lay down the law as needed.

"What do you think?" he asks in the video above. "Take the car away? Take the phone away? That's where I'm gonna start."

The full interview also finds Lawrence sharing that he'd be taking record release day (Aug. 16) off to move his oldest daughter into college. So instead of doing media, he was lugging boxes and furniture up four flights of stairs.

Made in America is Lawrence's first album of new songs since 2013. The '90s country legend shares what motivated him to make this record and reveals which of today's country singers impresses him most. Talking about his daughter's incident in a school zone seemed to help him settle down, as well. The 51-year-old was laughing by the time he started telling Willie Nelson stories at the end.

Taste of Country Nights is a syndicated night show which airs on more than 100 radio stations nationwide. It's hosted by Evan Paul and Amber.

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