Trail Trek: General Rules

General Rules

1.    Helmets required.

2.    We reserve the right to refuse entry to any class for any reason.

  1. All racers must wear the number given on their chest at all times.
  2. Kids will be using the same barrel track as the adults with the same rules.

Cross country  ($10 to enter)  Cash and trophies awarded to 3 places

  1. This race will consist of 2 racers and 2 ATVS.
  2. All entries will start at 2 minute intervals in the order they have drawn numbers.
  3. When the first racer reaches the checkpoint the 2nd racer will be motioned to start.
  4. If you run out of bounds you must stop, back up and get back on the course or you will be disqualified.
  5. Any cutting of course will be automatic disqualification.

Barrel race

Adult - ($10 to enter)  Cash and trophies awarded to 3 places

Kids – (No entry fee.. trophies awarded to 3 places)

  1. You will be racing around 3 barrels in a certain formation
  2. You will be racing one racer at a time against a clock
  3. If you knock over a barrel you will have 5 sec added to your time
  4. Cutting of the course will be automatic disqualification

Kids Class

0-125 CC ~ limited to kids 13 and under

0-400 CC ~ limited to kids 16 and under

Adult Class

Utility  – Must be a bike classified as a utility ATV from factory

All 4WD ATV’s will run the Utility class.

Sports Quad  -- All bikes that are classified sports ATV’s from factory

No 4WD ATV’s allowed in this class

Side X Side

Payout for all races is 100% plus a trophy for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

50% - 1st 30% - 2nd 20% - 3rd