It's time for some more KICKS 105 Picture Puzzles.

Here's a reminder on how they work.  We feature a series of pictures.  Each photo represents a word or syllable in our word, name, or phrase that is to be solved.  When you correctly solve all the pictures with their correct words, you should be able to solve the puzzle.

For instance, if we posted a picture of a thief, then a picture of many #1s, and then a picture of a lightning strike, this should be solved as 'Steal One's Thunder'. However, that would be one of the simpler ones to solve.  One picture could represent an entire word or just a syllable of a word.  The photos are all presented in the correct order of the mystery word, name or phrase.  Many of the photos will be of things that can found in the East Texas area.

We're doing this for two main reasons.  One, just to have some fun.  People like to solve puzzles and to have their minds challenged.  Hopefully, these KICKS 105 Picture Puzzles will accomplish this.  The other reason we are doing this is to give you a chance to win prizes.  Every month, we'll be giving away a prize.  Sometimes, it could be a VISA Gift Card or maybe a prize package from area businesses.  For every prize you solve, you get another entry into the monthly drawing.

So, let's get started.  There are a total of 3 picture puzzles below.  The first puzzle is a two word popular phrase.  The second puzzle is the three word name of a blockbuster movie.  The third puzzle is a four word quote from a blockbuster movie.

(Do not use punctuation when typing in your answers, and only use words and not symbols.)



Picture Puzzle Two - Popular Phrase (2 words)


Picture Puzzle Three - blockbuster movie (3 words)


Picture Puzzle Four - Movie quote from blockbuster movie (4 words)


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