After an engineering study and hearing from area residents, the Lufkin District considered various measures to improve the intersection and is recommending that a traffic signal be placed on US 69 at FM 326 near Bald Hill in Angelina County.  

In addition to the signal, advance warning overhead flashing lights will alert traffic on US 69 to the approaching signal in both north and southbound lanes approximately 1,500-feet before the intersection. Rumble strips will be placed on US 69 in coming days to help alert traffic to the upcoming intersection.

“We have heard from many residents in the Bald Hill community as well as those who travel US 69 daily,” said Rhonda Oaks, Lufkin District public information officer. “Engineers considered their opinions and the crash study data before making this decision. We feel this project best represents what the public wants and it will also enhance safety at this intersection.”

The district plans to open bids for this construction project in early 2018. The cost will be about $175,000 and is expected to be completed by fall, 2018.

“The poles for this traffic signal and overhead beacon will have to be manufactured and that takes time once the contract is awarded,” said Oaks. “We are asking the public to stay alert, reduce their speed and watch for oncoming traffic on US 69 and for vehicles exiting FM 326.”

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