While Tyler Farr might be considered one of the toughest guys in country music, there are moments in his life that he says have brought him to his knees. One of those moments recently occurred when he had to say goodbye to his beloved dog, Cooter.

“Yesterday I dug a hole and buried my best friend and made a cross out of a branch off of one of my trees,” Farr told Taste of Country on Thursday (May 3.) “I’ve been wearing my sunglasses all day. It’s really tough.”

Farr headed to his social media pages on Thursday (May 3) to share the news of Cooter’s passing with his fans.

And while the Missouri native admitted that it had been a tough couple of days, Farr wanted to tell his dear companion’s story.

“We got Cooter back in 2008 or 2009 in Dalton, Ga,” Farr said, routinely clearing his throat in an effort to hold back a bit of the underlying emotion surrounding his beloved dog's death. Cooter had been battling cancer.

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“He lived a long life. He was 11 years old. I always would say that if my dog could talk, I would be in trouble," Farr says with a laugh. "I mean, he was with me when [Farr's wife] Hannah and I started dating and he was with me when I was living in a basement. He went through all of that with me. A friend of mine told me today that in a way it's harder to say goodbye to a dog than a person because they are just so innocent.”

Yet, going through these tough times makes Farr even more appreciative to have Hannah by his side through it all.

“Hannah hasn’t seen me cry a whole heck of a lot, but I have trouble holding it in when I am upset,” he says. “Yesterday she just knew. She can read me like a book. I couldn’t talk through the whole process but she knew. She gets me more than anyone.”

Hannah has also been by Farr’s side during what he admits has been a rough couple of years professionally.

“Country music has changed so much,” he says. “I mean you have old school and new stuff, but honestly, I try not to think about it. I just do me.”

His new single, "Love by the Moon,” is Farr at his very core.

“It’s a blue-collar country song about playing hard and working hard and get some love on the weekend,” Farr says with a chuckle of the song, which was produced by Sugarland’s Kristian Bush. “It's very simple and it's very me. The lyrics totally match how I live. That’s who I am. And if any song is going to get me back out there, it's going to be this one.”

Farr is also excited because he knows that his fans will be able to see themselves in the new single. “This song sounds like something my fans would relate to too,” he says. “They get me and I get them, through it all.”

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