If you are looking back at the temperatures from last night and this morning, they were some of the coldest temperatures on record for East Texas.

Mount Enterprise - Kim Ash Fling

As far as January 17th is concerned. The coldest January 17th on file was 18° back in 1965. This morning around 7 am ... we hit 14°.
No need to sound the alarm of anything. Schools were delayed or cancelled, work shifts were postponed, and drivers weren't able to get the hang of it in time not to stack up the number of accidents, but I really feel like we came out of it with a minimal number of scratches.

According to Intellicast, Lufkin Texas felt temperatures as low as -2° back in 1930.

Okay, we got down to 14° this morning (January 17th 2018), but the last time it even got this cold was 16° back in 1943. And that was in March!

Even though it's been 75 years since it has gotten this cold, I feel like my fellow East Texans are handling it like a bunch of champs. That's "champs," not "chumps."

I don't claim to know what this information has to say about global warming or polar ice caps, but I like that we're making the most out of it and the entire town didn't shut down like we joke around and say it would. In Texas, we adapt to survive, and it's looking like we're getting pretty good at all this snow business.

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