This is a picture of a dental hygienist at work.  That job did make the top ten list for one the best jobs to have for 2013. has published their top ten worst and best jobs to have for the year. 

The company uses five main criteria for the results - physical demands, work environment, income, stress and hiring outlook.  Let's take a look, first the best ten jobs for 2013:

The best jobs of 2013 and the average pay:

  1. Actuary: $87,650
  2. Biomedical engineer: $81,540
  3. Software engineer: $90,530
  4. Audiologist: $66,660
  5. Financial planner: $64,750
  6. Dental hygienist: $68,250
  7. Occupational therapist: $72,320
  8. Optometrist: $94,990
  9. Physical therapist: $76,310
  10. Computer systems: $77,740

So, it looks like those working either in the computer, financial/insurance, and certain niches in the health field have the brightest outlook.  Now, for the other side of the coin - the top ten worst jobs to have:

The worst jobs of 2013 and the average pay:

  1. Newspaper reporter: $36,000
  2. Lumberjack: $32,870
  3. Enlisted military personnel: $41,998
  4. Actor: $17.44/hour
  5. Oil rig worker: $37,640
  6. Dairy farmer: $60,750
  7. Meter reader: $36,400
  8. Mail carrier: $53,090
  9. Roofer: $34,220
  10. Flight attendant: $37,740

Okay, so I get lumberjack, oil rig worker, and soldier, all of which are dangerous and low paying, but newspaper reporter? blames it on ever-shrinking newsrooms, dwindling budgets and competition from Internet businesses. In addition, newspaper reporters have high stress and tight deadlines combined with low pay and a requirement to work in all conditions to get the story. Job security is nil.

Where do you think your job would rank...towards the bottom of the list or the top?