Many times you see a famous person as as simply a "singer" or "actor" but they can be much deeper than that.

Singing and playing guitar since he was eight years old, Brad Paisley’s big break came when he signed a contract with EMI Music Publishing just after graduating from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.  His debut album, “Who Needs Pictures”, was released by Arista Records in 1999.

Born on October 28, 1972, in Glen Dale, West Virginia, Brad comes from a Masonic family.  His father Doug is a member of Marshall Union Lodge # 8 in West Virginia.

Brad cites his father and Joe Blair, a family friend, as two of the main reasons he wanted to become a Mason.  “They set the example of those who are active in their communities and are available for people in need.  It seemed like they shared a common brotherhood,” said Brad.  “As I got older and asked questions, I came to understand what this meeting was they would go to every once in a while, and I wanted to know all about it.”

Brad, a member of Hiram Lodge #4 in Franklin, Tennessee explained, “The Opry has always been overrun by Masons.  Especially when Mr. Roy Acuff  was still around.  I have several friends in my industry who are Masons…Little Jimmy Dickens, Charlie Walker and Mel Tillis.”

Source: The Grand Lodge of Ohio (Beacon Publication Volume 10, Issue 4)