Over the years we have let the media and governments decide what our big slice of Texas is called.

Growing up I thought I lived in East Texas, but come to find out East Texas was too broad a stroke. I heard on the news that we were DEEP East Texas. I don’t know if I like the sound of that. "Deep"... is that like a jab at us? Like deep down in the holler? I think it was just a thing that started because Tyler was trying to dissociate itself with us.

So what are the true boundaries of East Texas, And Deep East Texas? I drew on this map, and put up my ideas.


As you can see, even though it is on the Texas side of the border, it’s pretty much Louisiana to the right of East Texas, we can’t count that.

If you live in Katy, Humble, Atascocita, Kingwood, Webster, Leauge City, and you are out of town,and people ask you where you are from, you just say Houston. Ask anyone from Hudson, Diboll, Redland, Apple Springs, Wells where they are from, if they are out of town, they don’t say Lufkin. No one knows where Lufkin is any better than any of their towns, so they think. I would argue that they just might. But here we have severe town loyalty.

So is it Pineywoods, Deep East Texas, or Texas Forest Country. What do you think?  I want to know, even if you are a birther from Nacogdoches.

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