The devastation that Hurricane Laura will bring to the southwest portion of Louisiana will be historic.  She's expected to make landfall just after midnight with top winds of 150 mph and a storm surge that's been categorized as unsurvivable.

Our prayers go out to those affected in the Cameron and Lake Charles area.

Laura is expected to rapidly weaken once making landfall, but still, it takes a few hours to wind down from 150 mph.  Hurricane warnings have been posted throughout the Deep East Texas area, but given the current track and forecast, just when is the worst of the winds going to hit various cities in the Pineywoods?

Here's a look at what the National Weather Service is predicting:

City                            Expected peak wind gusts        Timing

Lufkin                         40-50 mph                                    3am-9am

Nacogdoches             35-45 mph                                   4am-11am

Livingston                   20-35 mph                                   3am-10am

San Augustine            55-65 mph                                   3am-noon

Woodville                    45-55 mph                                   3am-11am

Jasper                         95-105 mph                                 3am-10am

Newton                        95-110 mph                                 3am-10am

Hemphill                      85-100 mph                                 3am-11am

Center                         50-65 mph                                   4am-1pm

Garrison                      40-55 mph                                   4am-2pm

Alto                              25-40 mph                                   4am-3pm

Crockett                       20-30 mph                                   6am-1pm

These wind predictions come straight from the National Weather Service, but squall lines could produce higher wind speeds. Stay safe!

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