Here at Kicks, we like to announce birthdays. Turns out our current POTUS is turning 70 on June 14th, and we want to know what you would get for him as a gift.

What do you get the man who could probably get anything he wanted? He wanted to be the President after all, right?

Let's keep it simple. Let loose, and let us know what you'd like to see Donald Trump unwrap on his birthday?

Maybe you'd give him a note? What would that note say?

Perhaps you'd give him a single object, and he'd know exactly what you were trying to say?

It's always frustrating to think of good gifts for loved ones, but what do you get for someone you don't really know? Are you the kind of person that reserves gag gifts for close friends, or do you have sinister ideas for frenemies?

Don't go crazy and say something you'll regret. This is going on the internet after all, and we all know we aren't exactly anonymous.

With that being said, I can't wait to start reading the comment section to see what East Texans would get for Donald Trump on his 70th birthday. Get at it!

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