So...which teacher in East Texas is going to get our end of semester surprise this time?  Over the past few years, seven educators have won a $1,000 classroom grant compliments of the KICKS 105/Whataburger Teacher of the Day Promotion. Last time around, it was Central High School's Mandy Cordova who received the money to purchase classroom needs and wants.

We will be drawing for the winning teacher before the end of this Fall semester, which, of course, has been crazy to say the least.  Teachers have been called on to do the impossible through this pandemic with putting together in-person and online lesson plans.  They have put themselves at risk everyday while trying their best to teach our children the lessons they need to better themselves educationally and emotionally.

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There are only a few days left to get your nominations in for your favorite teachers.  It's easy to do. Just click here and follow the instructions. All teachers nominated in this Fall semester will automatically be eligible for the $1,000 drawing for the Spring semester as well.

Very soon, representatives from KICKS 105 and Whataburger (including What A Guy), fully masked, of course, will be walking into a classroom somewhere in East Texas ready to surprise a teacher with the $1,000 grant.


Teacher of the Day winners

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