Today we got the first news that an 'Overboard' remake was in the works.

'Overboard' is one of of the many '80s comedies that you can still watch, and appreciate today. Real life couple Kurt Russell, and Goldie Hawn were were hilarious in that movie.

Even the child actors portraying Kurt Russell's kids made me laugh, and kid actors can rarely do that nowadays.

So when I learned they'd be remaking the movie and swapping the gender roles, I was a bit let down. Can't Hollywood leave the classics alone?

According to the article talking about the director and cast, the guy that did 'We're the Millers,' will be writing the remake and directing it. This Bob Fisher also apparently wrote 'Wedding Crashers,' and a few episodes of 'Married With Children.'

Okay ... not bad. With comedy 'big hitters' like Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez as the lead actors, this remake might not be so bad. It's not ideal, and I wish they'd at least call it something else, but with so many of us complaining, yet still forking over the dough to be entertained, it's a little hard to send the message that we want this sort of thing to stop outright.

What are your thoughts? Will you give the 'Overboard' remake a chance, or just stick to rewatching that old VHS copy of the original like me?

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