William Clark Green is gearing up to release his fifth studio album, Hebert Island, and he's giving Taste of Country readers an exclusive listen to one of the tracks before it's even available.

Green is set to release Hebert Island (pronounced A-Bear) on Friday (Aug. 10), and like his previous releases, the new collection of songs was inspired by a familiar location in Green’s home state of Texas. According to a press release, "Personal reflection and Green’s family-owned ranch outside Beaumont, Texas, set the scene for a succinct collection of rustically poetic songs anchored by swampy Southern rock, expansive Texas country sensibilities and Green’s elegantly gritty vocals."

The singer-songwriter wrote or co-wrote all 14 tracks on Hebert Island, which Benjy Davis produced at the Sound Emporium in Nashville. One of the standouts on the album is "She Loves Horses," which traces the doomed romance between the protagonist and a woman who have such a strong connection that "we'd have it all / But she loves horses / Wide open, runnin' wild / That's where her heart is / She'll let me hold on for a while / I won't try to change her / No way to tame her / 'Cause she loves horses," Green laments in the chorus.

"'She Loves Horses' was a song idea I sat on for two years. It's about the fall season for a barrel racer," Green tells us, adding, "They are gone just as much as us musicians are. It doesn't end well."

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Hebert Island is currently available for pre-order via iTunes.

Listen to William Clark Green, "She Loves Horses"

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