What's the going rate of a partridge in a pear tree? Or six geese a laying?

Every year some financial guru prices the cost of all the items in the song 'The 12 Days of Christmas'.  In 2021, the total bill would run around $41,200.  That's up quite a bit from last year thanks to inflation.

Pop quiz - what's the most expensive item in the song?  Answer - seven swans-a-swimming would set you back a little north of $13,000!  The cheapest would be eight maids-a-milking going for just $58.  Those maids need better representation.

Here at KICKS 105 we've decided to team up with Truss & Son Plumbing and tie into the 12 Days of Christmas with a fun giveaway.  Sorry, we don't have the budget for the swans, nor do we think that ten lords-a-leaping is on your wish list.  But, you could always use cash...right?

Every weekday through December 23rd, a lucky East Texan is going to win $50 cash.  That may not buy you five gold rings, but every bit of cash during the holiday season helps.  Just listen for the daily bonus word.  We'll announce it at 9:20 on the Merrell in the Morning Show.  We will also send a bonus word to your smartphone every weekday at 11 a.m. via the KICKS 105 App.

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There are other bonus ways to get more entries such as visiting our KICKS 105 Facebook Page or visiting the Truss & Son Plumbing Website.  Take advantage of all the different ways to get extra entries and good luck with our daily drawings.


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