martin o'kane

This story had all the makings of a romance worthy of a big screen movie...except for the ending.

Here's the set up - Julia Cross of New Zealand was vacationing in Spain and while at a night club met Martin O'Kane of England (complete with hat with glowsticks).  They hit it off, in fact, they spent the night on the beach talking, sipping wine, and sharing just one kiss as the sun came up the next morning.

It was the perfect night...he was the perfect guy.  She gave him her phone number, he said he would call, and they went back to their respective countries.

But...OH NO!! The more Julia thought about the night, the more she thought she wrote her phone number down incorrectly, so she launched a 3 month internet quest to try and find her lost love.

Finally...finally..she found Martin.

She had given him the correct phone number, he just didn't call, plus he now has a girlfriend.

Check out more of the details of this story at the New Zealand Herald.

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