The Wonder Woman sequel train has pulled out of the station, and even with Patty Jenkins’ crossover superhero hit still playing in theaters, it’s already begun to pick up steam. Star Gal Gadot will return for the second solo project for the indestructible Amazon, they’ve landed writer Geoff Johns (who co-produced the Green Lantern movie, so, yikes) to handle the script, and while Jenkins has yet to put her Jane Hancock on the dotted line for another film, details of plot are now solidifying. For Wonder Woman, Diana battled those no-good fascists in World War I, and the sequel will reportedly plop her down in another historical era to intervene in a real-life global crisis. This time, the Rooskies will be the ones shaking in their boots.

Screen Rant has run a new report claiming to expose certain production details that place Diana in the 1980s for the sequel, at the tail end of the Cold War between American superpowers and the USSR. This new milieu would place Diana in more of an espionage context, leaving her less time on the battlefield and, presumably, more time silently slinking down dimly-lit hallways. (Though being super-tall and unignorably hot may render Diana a less effective spy than she’d like.)

Even more curiously, the same report asserts that Chris Pine‘s Steve Trevor would return for the sequel — how a human man would live seven decades and still look like Chris Pine will be one of the many questions this new film must answer. But the chemistry between Gadot and Pine, whether onscreen or in GIFs captured during interviews, was simply too strong to deny. When will further details on this gestating project come to light? I wonder

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