It seems that every year we hear various rankings about the healthiest/non-healthiest places to live, cleanest cities, most obese states, best places to live, and the lists go on and on.  And here we go with another one...America's Health Rankings

I used to be competitive in that I wanted Texas to be ranked close to the top on any list, but I've resigned myself to realizing that will never be the case, at least not when it comes to lists involving health. Refineries and skillets...those are the two main culprits  This is the land of oil and making gas products out of that oil, and this is the land of frying things in oil (obviously, not the same kind of oil).  Chicken fried makes things tasty, but chicken fried doesn't lend itself well in health rankings.

So be it, I'll take a number 36 before I give up my chicken fried steak.  And that's where we are...number 36 out of 50.  Hawaii and Vermont are at the top while Arkansas and Mississippi are at the bottom.  Hey!  We beat 14 other states. There are a number of factors that go into these rankings, you can see those here.

Actually, according the newest numbers, America is showing some small signs of getting healthier, but there's a long way to go, unless you live in the land of luaus or maple syrup...hang on, those aren't healthy, are they?