A Baby Changes Everything for the Rangers’ Elvis Andrus
Texas Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus became a father last summer, so the off season has been full of spit up, late-night feedings, and smelly diaper changes. Glamorous! But Rangers fans can be excited knowing that Elvis expects fatherhood to make him an even better player this season.
Baby Meets Lemon (Video)
"Would you like lemon with your tea? No, I'll just take the lemon."  This young man meets his first lemon and it appears to be a Love/Hate relationship.
Crying Babies, What’s A Husky To Do? [VIDEO]
Watch as this dog howls along with this fussy baby.  I don't know if is trying to comfort the baby or just singing along.  I remember blowing in my daughters face when she was really upset.  What kind of crazy things did you do to stop your baby's crying?

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