Numerous Bigfoot Encounters in Deep East Texas
A few days ago on the Merrell in the Morning Show, we reported a story about Rick Dyer who claimed to have shot a Bigfoot in the San Antonio area.  Inasmuch as most folks consider his claim to be a farce, it set Sean Ericson and myself on a quest to get more information about Dyer's story.  In this …
Hunter Says He Shot Bigfoot in Texas
"Bigfoot is real, and he has been shot dead."  That's the story according to Bigfoot hunter and enthusiast Rick Dyer: he says he lured the creature to a site near San Antonio using pork ribs as bait, and that's when he blasted him...or it.
East Texas Town Welcomes Filming for a New Bigfoot Movie
Does Bigfoot really exist?  If it does, East Texas might be its home, and many Bigfoot seekers have come here looking for clues, many of which have ended up on Youtube.
Now you may be seeing your friends and acquaintances from East Texas in a new movie about the legend or reality of Bigfoot, dependin…