Changes are coming for East Texas weather...of course, that's always a given.

As of 2:30 Thursday afternoon, the leading edge of a strong mass of colder air was moving into the D/FW Metroplex.  So, what can we expect for East Texas over the next few hours and into the weekend?  Current forecasts show the leading edge of the cooler air should be getting into the Lufkin/Nacogdoches area between 8-10 o'clock this evening.  Our rain chances will increase to 30% during the evening and overnight hours, and then jump to a 40% chance of showers throughout most of the day on Friday.

Things should clear out for Saturday and Sunday.  As far as the temperatures are concerned, you can use the following graph to get a pretty good idea of where the temperatures are forecast to be over the next couple of days.


Hour                      Temp

5pm                       82

8pm                       75

11pm                     69


2am                       65

5am                       62

8am                       59

11am                     61

2pm                       61

5pm                       60

8pm                       56

11pm                     51


5am                       47

8am                       49

11am                     57

2pm                       63

5pm                       64

8pm                       52

11pm                     46


2am                       44

5am                       41