Growing up, I can remember getting the sick and having to stay home from school. Those days, for me, included getting into my parents bed, sipping on Sprite and trying to eat saltine crackers, chicken noodle soup, cinnamon toast or hot milk toast.

Hot milk toast was something my grandma was fed by her grandma when she was sick and she swore by it. It was literally as disgusting as it sounds. It was a bowl of warm, whole milk, a pad of butter, salt, pepper and a piece of toast broken up into pieces that floating all soggy and gross in the milk. I guess that was a little better that my other grandma's dead rabbit's foot cure for sickness. She told you to carry it around in your pocket to keep sickness away. Oh, it kept something away, probably all your friends.

Here are 10 other crazy cures for the sickness's you had as a kid from our unscientific poll on Facebook. See if you recognize any of them.

  1. Cool/Warm washcloth on my forehead for everything. Sore throat, stomachache, sore foot, backache, hangnail, etc.
  2. Sassafras Tea for cold and flu. I guess it's been used for centuries to treat diarrhea and colds.
  3. Hot Toddy's when mom was gone and dad was home.
  4. Pile on the blankets so you would sweat out the sickness. (before we realized your body needed to breath)
  5. Luden cough drops, the cold candy.
  6. Black pepper to keep from getting sick. Some say that by putting pepper honey, teaspoon of honey you can soothe a sore throat, suppress a cough.
  7. Price Is Right for every ailment. Kept your mind occupied while your body was falling apart. And, you learned early on the keep your pets spayed and neutered.
  8. Vick's Vapo Rub on your chest, feet, neck and sometimes eat it. (Don't do that last one)
  9. Goose grease for a cold.
  10. Soap Operas showed you the drama in someone else's life, kinda of a things could be worse, you could have an evil twin you did;t know about. Or, they would make you want to get quick so you didn't have to watch any more soap operas.

Do you have any more to add to this list? Comment below.

Looking back, my mom really took good care of us. We even had a little bell we could ring if we needed her service. She would prop up the pillows just right, tuck us in the covers like a little burrito, serve us our drinks with a bendy straw. My friends had a running wish/joke about hoping to become sick, while at my house, so my mom could nurse them back to health.

Now, it took a lot for my mom to let us stay home from school. She was a nurse, so you had to be really sick to be able to take the day off. (By really sick I mean fever, throwing up or the poopy's) But, the way she took care of us, made being sick not that bad.


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