I drive in and around Nacogdoches on a daily basis. I see the good drivers. You know the ones I'm talking about. The drivers that follow the speed limit, use turn signals, avoid cutting you off, etc. However, I also see the not-so-good drivers. I don't even have to describe them for you to know which ones I'm referring to.

One day recently, a thought came to me. Maybe they aren't less than stellar drivers. Perhaps Nacogdoches has an unknown set of driving rules. Yes, that has to be it. So, I sat down and made a list. Check it out below:


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    The speed limit on the west side of the loop is 65 MPH.

    From CC's Smokehouse to the Highway 7 intersection is 65 MPH. I'm talking about the section circled in red. I know it seems like a NASCAR race as people go flying around you at mach-2, but it's only 65.

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    The rest of the loop - with a small exception on the north side - is 55 MPH.

    [Most] of the rest of the loop - as shown by the yellow highlighted portion in the picture - has a speed limit of 55 MPH. (The one section that's different has 45 and 50 MPH speed limits)

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    Turn signals still exist in vehicles.

    This is mind-blowing, I know. However, cars today still come equipped with a turn signal. Now, whether or not they work is up to you.

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    Texting and driving is still illegal...and still crazy.

    So, not only do you face a fine if you decide to text and drive, but you put your life - and the lives of all the other drivers - at risk. You can wait a few minutes to reply with "LOL".

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    There is a protected turn lane while exiting onto South Street.

    Yes, when you take a right to exit off the loop and get onto South Street, there is a lane for you to turn safely in, and you know what that means? That means that you don't have to come to a complete stop while exiting. Shocking.

  • white arrow painted on the street next to a yellow double line

    Turn lanes are for turning, not driving for another mile or two while waiting for a traffic opening.

    I see this one fairly often. People will turn out into the turn lane, drive along the turn lane for a bit, all while waiting on a break in traffic so they can merge into the correct lane. The problem with this that it keeps drivers who are trying to use the turn lane for it's intended use...TURNING.

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    You can still turn right on red.

    I know that this seems a bit off, but if there's no one coming, and you've come to a complete stop, then you can - legally - turn right at a red light. You don't have to wait on it to turn green.

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    By time you slam on those brakes after seeing a police officer, it's too late.

    Yeah, because the police totally won't notice the change from 75 to 30 in three seconds...

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    Road rage really doesn't accomplish anything.

    You can get ticked all you want, but yelling at other drivers and waving with your tall finger really doesn't do anything, other than make you more distracted...and distracting.

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    Just because you have all day to get somewhere, doesn't mean the rest of us do.

    If there's a posted speed limit, do your best to stay at that point, or at least within five miles of it. Don't be backing up traffic because you're going 20 MPH under it...