The annual KICKS 105 $1005 Halloween Costume Party at Banita Creek Hall in Nacogdoches is officially good to go.

Saturday night, the best male, best female, and best group costume winners will split $1005 cash.  Of course, this being 2020 and all, there are a few guidelines in place.  There will be limited occupancy into the club, so be sure you don't wait too late to get to Banita Creek Hall.  When you're waiting your turn to get onto the stage, please keep your distance from the other contestants.  Plus, we will have a microphone on a stand on the stage so that you can introduce yourself to the audience.  Danny Merrell will be offering commentary with a wireless mic safely distanced from the stage mic.

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Keep in mind, that audience response and participation play a big role in determining the winners, so bring your friends to the club and tell them to be loud when it comes time to cheer for you.  Find out more about the Halloween Party by going to the Banita Creek Hall Facebook Page or their website.

Banita Creek Hall is getting ready for a great November as well.  The Honky Tonk Kid, Aaron Watson will be in concert on Saturday, November 14.  Then on November 21, Read Southall will take the stage. Listen to KICKS 105 for your shot at winning tickets to the shows.

Here's a look at some of the costumes from past years at Banita Creek Hall.  All pictures credited to Cody Dorouen.

Banita Creek Hall Costume Photos

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