Thursday, April 4, Kameron Marlowe is coming to Banita Creek Hall in Nacogdoches. It was six years ago that the North Carolina native made a huge splash on The Voice.

Since that time, Marlowe has signed a recording contract and has a platinum single with "Giving You Up".

He has followed up with several other great songs including "Sober as a Drunk", "Burn 'Em Up", "Steady Heart", and "Strangers".

New Album Coming

"Keepin' The Lights On" is the new album from Marlowe. It is scheduled to be released on May 31. The title cut from the album is a beautiful song and hopefully he will be singing it while on stage at Banita Creek Hall.

As I mentioned, Kameron already has a platinum single to his credit, but this album is expected to launch his career to the next level. That's my way of saying, it won't be long before he's playing huge venues, so don't miss this chance to see him up close in concert.

Other Shows Coming to Banita Creek Hall

On April 13, William Clark Green makes his return to Banita. Then, on the 20th, Braxton Keith will be in concert. Pecos & The Rooftops will be a Banita on Thursday, April 25.

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