If you're like me, then you don't go to the movies very often. I love to watch movies, but I just don't go to watch them on the big screen. However, I'm all about watching movies at home. If you're sitting there saying, "Well, there are just certain things that the movie theater has that you can't have at home," then this list is for you. These are five things that can make your at-home movie watching as good - if not better - as being in the theater.

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We have to have a screen, right? Why not start with a projector, WITH a screen?

Now that we have the big screen, we have to have the big sound as well.

Lots of people say that you can't have seats like they do in the movie theater. Not true. Plus, this one has USB ports for charging your phone (which you can't use if you're in the theater...).

The biggest argument for going to the theater is "You can't get popcorn like they make there!" This is also not true. Check this bad boy out.

And, of course, if you have popcorn you HAVE to have drinks...

So, there you have it. The five items you need for a full, at-home movie theater experience. All the greatness of the theater viewing, at home!


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