The parents told police they thought all the children had gotten out of the car, but it turns out a 2-year old was left inside.  It happened in Dallas on Friday afternoon.

The temperature was at 98 in Dallas on Friday, and the heat index was well over 100.  KHOU says the family had been at Fair Park that afternoon and went home to take a nap, and accidentally left the girl inside the car.  The father found her when he went back outside to work on another car a little bit later, and he performed CPR for 30 minutes but she was pronounced dead at the hospital that evening.

Every year we hear about these stories unfortunately, and they continue to come.  Can you imagine what those parents must be going through?  It's hard to fathom.

It's going to be another incredibly hot week with highs near 100 all across Texas, and the car is no place to be for kids, or pets for that matter.  If anything positive can come from a story like this, it's a reminder to check, check, and double check that everyone is out.  Hopefully there will be no more stories like this one this summer.

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