Music lovers of all types should have a new event on their radar. The 1st ever Nacogdoches Summer Squash will take place at Festival Park (just south of Downtown) on Saturday, May 18.

The Summer Squash will feature 10 continuous hours of local musicians and singers. The FREE event will kick off at noon and roll through 10 p.m. The stage at Festival Park will be split into two performance areas which means there will always be a band performing for the concertgoers.

The Nacogdoches Summer Squash is a collaborative event with local musicians, local artists, vendors, food trucks and The Fredonia Brewery.

Deep East Texas is full of outstanding bands and artists of many different genres, and the 1st Annual Nacogdoches Summer Squash is a great way to get immersed in their great music.

Bands/Artists Scheduled to Appear

Festival Park will be full of food trucks and fun activities. Bring your lawn chair, blankets, and sunscreen, and get ready to enjoy a full day and night of great music. The Nacogdoches Summer Squash is a great way to support the many great musicians and artists in the Deep East Texas area.

A big shout-out to all the volunteers, organizers, and sponsors who have dedicated so many hours to making this event a reality. Hopefully, the Nacogdoches Summer Squash will build to become a huge annual music event in East Texas.

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