It took nine years.  Somehow a Texas man intercepted enough fajita deliveries to rack up a $1.2 million tab, and the plot was only foiled because he was out at a medical appointment one day and wasn't there to receive the usual delivery.

I'm curious too.  What in the world did he do with all those fajitas?

A delivery driver had been dropping off fajitas shipments weekly at the Cameron County Juvenile Justice Department kitchen in South Texas for almost a decade.  And the Brownsville Herald reported it was more than just a serving or two.

The delivery that came August 7th included an 800-pound batch of fajita ingredients, and Gilberto Escamilla wasn't there to receive it because he had taken the day off to go to a medical appointment.   When the driver called the kitchen to let them know the fajitas had arrived, the workers were a little shocked and confused and told the driver they never served fajitas. The driver was equally shocked and confused, because he had been delivering fajitas to the Juvenile Justice Department weekly for the past nine years.

The DA is conducting a criminal investigation now, after investigators found fajitas in Escamilla's refrigerator at his house.  Apparently Escamilla admitted to intercepting the deliveries, and investigators think he had been taking orders of his own and selling them to some sort of fajita chain. He likely had other customers lined up to receive the fajitas on the day of the deliveries.

Bizarre!  The county-funded deliveries totaled $1,251,578, and it's a felony theft charge for Escamilla.  We hear the people who received the stolen fajitas are cooperating with the investigation.

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