In a Facebook Post, the Nacogdoches County Emergency Management Office (NCEMO) has offered up some possible reasons as to why the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases is so much higher than neighboring counties.

The NCEMO is quick to point out that these are educated guesses, but the reasons definitely make sense and are based on logical points.  Here are the reasons offered, directly quoted from their Facebook Page.

#1: Nacogdoches is testing more aggressively. The testing center adapts screening protocols based on the positive cases they get back and utilize this community-based information to broaden how one qualifies for a test.
#2 Our local hospitals and the testing center are using mostly private labs which now have 24-28 hr result turn around. Therefore, even with the lag time of reporting to state and waiting on their confirmation, it's likely faster than other areas who rely heavily on state labs (5+ day results).
#3 Community spread. Bottom line the best way to ensure we are keeping numbers down, is to STAY HOME and take personal responsibility for your role in preventing the spread.

The number of COVID-19 cases is now up to 62 in the county.  Sadly, two more deaths have been reported in the past 24 hours.  Two women over the age of 90 passed away due to the disease.

After reading some personal accounts on social media from several area medical professionals, point number 3 from the NCEMO Facebook Post should not be taken lightly.  Please stay home and be unselfish in your role of helping to squash the spread of this disease.

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