A few months ago, Amazon posted this cool little video about a nifty new gadget called dash buttons exclusive for Amazon prime members. Since the video was uploaded the day before April first, a lot of folks assumed it was an April fools prank product. A lot of companies tend to join in the fun by posting bogus products that would never actually be feasible in the real world.

Time went by, and we started to realize these Amazon dash buttons were real. It's been a while now, and some reviews are starting to pop up. Not everyone is happy about this supposedly revolutionary way to shop.

Here's the initial video posted by Amazon.

YouTube reviewer, Andrew OHara did a review of a couple of Dash buttons

Recently CNET did their own review which you can see here.

Even the website engadget did an article about how the whole idea of the dash button is sort of a one sided business plan designed to be more helpful for Amazon and not necessarily for its customers. Apparently, the items you can get with this new technology are limited and extremely expensive. With the system still working bugs out, I say we hold off on this "innovative" way to get groceries. I don't mind being social and going into town for my mac n' cheese anyway.