Home.  It's sanctuary.  It's where our family is.  It's where you make memories that last a lifetime.  Home is a place where you are loved, everyday.

There are over 150 children in our area that hope to some day know the feeling of home (four of those are pictured above).  Maybe fostering or adoption is something you or your family have thought about or prayed about in the past.  This would be a huge step in your life, and life-changing events come with many, many questions.

On Thursday, January 16th, the Angelina Rotary Club is hosting Open Hearts, Open Home, an open, no pressure, relaxed atmosphere forum for anyone to attend. Guests will hear testimonies from local families, have the ability to ask questions, visit booths from numerous local agencies to ask more questions, and find the resources they need. The event starts at 4 pm with the first session lasting until 5:30 pm.  The second session is from 6 pm until 7:30 pm.  Child care will be provided.

When considering fostering, adopting, or even becoming a respite care family, many people do not know where to start or whom to ask. This forum will provide answers and resources to anyone who is interested or thinks they might become involved in foster care services.  But once again, there is no obligation.

Whether you’re on the path to foster, adopt, or advocate for the children in Angelina County, all roads lead to home.


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