The moment we have all been waiting for is here! This Saturday at 10 am, Ashur the white lion cub will make his debut with his mother and father.

Since I got the first pictures of Ashur, I couldn't wait to meet him in person! Now is our chance. Just in time for Labor Day weekend we are going to hopefully get a view of this amazing cub. We have all followed the news here at the station very intently surrounding his birth and coloration! Now to get the chance to see him in person, has really gotten me fired up!

Ellen Trout Zoo

From Zoo Director Gordon Henley:

Ashur, the young male African lion, that was born white at the Ellen Trout Zoo, will make his public debut with his mother on Saturday 3 September 2016. Ashur was born totally white on 15 July 2016 and he has been carefully reared by his mother. He is currently being introduced to his father Mashaka under the watchful, protective eye of his mother Adia, so that soon the whole family can be together. Because of this introduction process, Ashur and Adia will be given access to the display at approximately 10:00am. At nearly 7 weeks of age, Ashur has been slowly darkening from his original “cotton ball” coloration, something we thought would happen with time. However, he is still very pale compared to other lion cubs his age. Ashur is only the second African lion born at the Ellen Trout Zoo in over thirty years, his older brother, Sango, was born 28 July 2012. Ashur’s birth is the result of cooperative breeding program administered by the AZA under the Species Survival Plan program.

Celia K Falzone