When I say 3D Printing what do you think of? Simple kids' toys? Phone or key holders? Money clips? Toilet paper holders? The answer to all of those is, yes.

But what if I said houses? Again the answer is, yes. The houses look pretty cool, too!

According to Dwell.com, a company named ICON out of Austin, Texas, is pioneering the science of 3D printing houses. Sure, they're small, only about 500 square feet, but each one can be built in around 27 hours.

This is embracing the tiny home movement in a big way. ICON says they're working on building a series of affordable housing units in the Community First project in Austin and see this as just the beginning of a whole new world of construction.

Whether it's affordable housing for people who desperately need it, a small cabin at the lake, or a custom workshop in the back yard, this looks like some really interesting technology to watch.

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