If revenge is a dish best served cold, then the country singers who made this list of country's best clapback songs are serving up a plate of ice cubes.

Country music isn't above hitting back with a little attitude, especially when someone really has it coming. Toby Keith and Dierks Bentley are among the artists who've turned to their music to hit back at someone who's done them wrong in romantic relationships (or rejected them completely), while Jack Ingram found a clever way to just come right out and say what he meant to a woman he was D-O-N-E with.

Taylor Swift always draws from her real life for songs, and she was addressing a public detractor directly in her most famous clapback song. It shouldn't be any surprise to find two of country music's most fiery women, Miranda Lambert and Loretta Lynn, on the list of country's best clapback songs, which features a mix of classics and songs from younger artists.

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