We know more about Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk today than we did when the first trailer debuted back in May. Our own Erin Whitney was present for the film’s world premiere at the New York Film Festival earlier this month, and relayed their full scoop back to us through their review: Ang Lee gets a lot of points for sheer chutzpah, having shot the first feature-length film using highly sophisticated 4K 120 frames-per-second technology, but his gambit ultimately fails. The realistic look of the film is almost too real, its crisp movements too unnaturally fluid for their own good.

Though the movie may be unfortunately hard to watch, the newly released trailer shows that it’ll be hard to watch for all the more traditional reasons as well. The clip above teases a harrowing story of trauma and its persisting bruises, as young Billy Lynn (newcomer Joe Alwyn) returns home a reluctant hero after surviving an ill-fated mission overseas. Politicos can’t wait to turn the teenager into a symbol of national fortitude, but Lynn’s still working out some issues of his own. It all comes to a head during a climactic Thanksgiving Day football game, where reuniting with his brothers-in-arms overwhelms the young man.

Even if the technology may still have some wrinkles in need of ironing, the new trailer showcases Lee’s sky-high ambitions as a film stylist and takes full advantage of its eclectic cast, including Kristen Stewart, Vin Diesel, Chris Tucker, and Garrett Hedlund. The war comes home on November 11, Veterans Day, with a wide release to follow shortly afterward.

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