Blake Shelton may be happy with his win for Male Vocalist of the Year at the 2014 CMA Awards, but he's probably even more happy that he didn't make a bet with Luke Bryan about it beforehand. The country singer's made that mistake before -- and it cost him big.

Shelton and Bryan have made more than a few bets over the years, including a long-running wager about who will win when they're both up in the same category at awards shows.

"Luke and I, the last couple of award shows, going back to the iHeart Radio Awards and then the CMT Awards, we had a bet on whoever won had to buy the other one dinner," Shelton says in an interview with Access Hollywood. "Somehow I won the iHeart Radio Award, and so I had to go buy him dinner that night."

But after Bryan turned the tables on his winning dinner, Shelton was much less willing to make a bet with Bryan when it came to the CMA Awards.

"Luke [came] walking in with his wife. That's great. Then, with his entire band, and crew, his management team, some label people," Shelton says of the dinner that turned into a family (and then some) affair. "They had to like, find a room to put us all in. It was like a damn $10,000 dinner that I bought him that night. So, it was like, 'Hey, hope you win next time buddy. I hope you win.'"

Well, as it turns out, Shelton didn't have anything to worry about when it came to betting Bryan for the CMAs -- it would have been a tie. With Shelton beating Bryan for Male Vocalist of the Year, and Bryan nabbing the trophy for Entertainer of the Year, they would have just been buying dinner for each other. But then again, knowing these two, they probably would try to beat each other with who could make the other spend more!

At the end of the day though, Bryan and Shelton's games are all in good fun and brotherly love. The two have been known to give each other major kudos (and lots of kisses) over the years, and Shelton's predictions before the CMA Awards prove that he thinks very highly of his country counterpart.

"I think for male vocalist, it wouldn't hurt my feelings a bit to see Luke win that thing," says Shelton. "I mean, he's the guy that's really out there selling all the tickets and selling so many tickets right now, and I'm just the idiot that sits in the red chair."

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