Blue Water Highway Band hails (currently) from the city of Kyle, Tx. Sean Ericson and myself like to keep our eyes, and ears open when it comes to new musical artists. Some are good, others not so good. Then there's the highly elusive, and occasional GREAT! These guys are the real deal. Trained musicians from incredibly different backgrounds, that come together to make up Blue Water Highway Band.

They have a brand new album called, "Things We Carry", and stopped by to perform a song for us called, "John Henry". That song just happens to be our favorite from the album. One of the perks of this job is being able to have artists play your favorite stuff.

The boys set up in our studio, played and sang their hearts out while we shot video amazing of the entire performance. Afterwards Sean Ericson shut down the video equipment without saving the video, and it's now gone forever to wherever deleted video goes.

However, we did record the audio of the performance, and then shot video of us playing frisbee here in the office with Zack and Greg, who said they were avid frisbee folk from way back. Sean and I half-heartedly believed them until Greg pulled some "Dude Perfect" stuff out of his back pocket. Listen to the song, and watch our video, then purchase a copy of this amazing album by our new found friends, Blue Water Highway Band. You will love it! Also be sure to check out the interview that Sean did with them tomorrow (July 9) during the 1pm hour on KICKS 105!


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