I'm a sucker for a good scary, horror flick! All the classics, Jaws, Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday The 13th, Halloween, Hellraiser, etc. Every Friday, or maybe Saturday night I had friends over to the house to watch something together. Our girlfriends would scoot a little closer, and that was pretty cool.

Now all of us horror film freaks have our very own "Netflix" of horror with "Shudder"! It's just like Netflix, but obviously horror exclusive. You pay a $5 monthly subscription, or $50 for a year in advance, and get all the "scare" you could ever want or need. If you're unsure you can always sign up for the 14-day FREE trial to decide whether Shudder is for you. There's also an app in the Apple app store, and the Android marketplace. You may ask yourself, "why would I get this when I already have Netflix?". The answer is fairly simple. Netflix does have over 300 titles in it's horror genre, but it's difficult to navigate, and there are many movies that I don't consider "horror". Shudder just makes it easier, and gives you what you want. Simple. Check it out now at Shudder.Com

Now that I've whetted your appetite for good scary movies, check out the trailer for the upcoming movie, "The Witch", courtesy of Fresh Movie Trailers. It'll scare the baaajeeezzzuuus out of you!


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