As one of the biggest stars and top touring artists in country music, Brad Paisley is a world traveler, but it's not always easy these days.

Jetting across the globe to play shows is a facet of the job, but in light of recent terror attacks that have been transpiring overseas, the country singer admits to being a bit wary of traveling now.

But he's not letting that to stop him. "I get more scared of traveling than I should," Paisley says in an interview with People. "We were just in Europe; it was the greatest vacation of our lives.”

The European excursion took Paisley and his family to a variety of the most popular cities on the continent including London, Rome, Prague and Dublin. Paisley, his wife Kimberly and sons 10-year-old Huck and 8-year-old Jasper were actually in London one week before the terror attack on March 22.

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“We were standing in the same spot,” he reveals, saying they were getting ready to board a boat that was taking him to the venue he was playing at that night. “But that’s the thing, if you think about it, ‘Whoa, if we had been there…’ but yeah, we weren’t.”

The "Today" singer says that while there have been some horrifying incidents happening across the world that warrant precaution, he does believe that we shouldn't be afraid to travel.

“I think it’s a pretty safe thing,” he advises. “The news does a good job of scaring us and I’m not criticizing them for covering stuff, but it’s just a lot of noise. We cannot allow our fears to stop us from doing the things that we should be doing.”

The audio version Paisley's new album, Love and Waris now available, and he has also released a  visual edition of the project.

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