Fitt Life had a great event panned for the kids yesterday on May 4th. Star Wars Day was perfect with amazing weather, and everyone had a great time. Check out the video!

Kids of all ages were dressed up like their favorite Star Wars characters. They took on the obstacle course like champs! This might be the first Nerf Gun Agility Test, and it is very exciting to watch. The added element of the 501st Stromtrooper Legion being there made the Star Wars Theme a lock.

There was even a costume contest. The kid dressed up like Chewbacca in the video won that.  The staff at Fitt Life were great with all the kids.  Helping to get them over the different walls and to the finish line.

This was a great introduction to exercise, for many of these kids. Most didn't even noticed that they had worked up a sweat, they were having such a good time. If you watch the shooting is very accurate. They really gave it to those storm troopers. Notice the troopers all had guns, but they didn't try to shoot back. They know in their hearts that they can't hit the broad side of the deathstar.

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