Two months have passed since the beautiful marriage ceremony and reception for Cade Foehner and Gabby Barrett.  I've only know Cade for a few months, but I'm so grateful to call him my friend.  I'm very honored that he allowed me and my family to be a part of this joyous evening.

The wedding took place on October 5th at Union Springs in Garrison.  The venue, ceremony, food, even the distant cows mooing in the background, made this a wonderfully memorable event.

As charming as everything was, what stood out most in my mind were the wedding vows that Cade and Gabby shared with each other.  It is obvious in their words that they are so deeply in love.  They will live to serve one another, their hearts beat as one.  However, both Cade and Gabby realize that nothing is complete without Jesus.  He must be the head of their relationship.  It was very apparent with their vows this is a Christ centered it should always be.

The video above features some of the highlights of their wedding, as well as those beautiful vows spoken to each other.  Cade and Gabby were kind enough to allow me to include the script of their vows below.

May God always be with this beautiful couple.

Cade's vows

All my days I’ve never met a woman that has enthralled me like you have mama

I remember driving around town listening to song after song wondering who could ever make me feel like those songs made me feel.

I gave up looking and was convinced I never would find that girl I was dreaming of then I fell right into you.

I went from having no capacity for the thought of marriage to being ready to give the breath from my lungs for you. 

I went from only wanting to be a rockstar to now all I want is to take care of you and our little family and spend my life with my greatest friend I’ve ever known 

I could not be more honored to pledge myself to you this day and forevermore 

I promise to protect you and provide for you 

I promise to admit I am wrong because if I have to prove I’m right to you I’ve missed the whole point 

I promise to give all I have to love you as Christ loved the church and gave himself for her

I promise to serve you 

To count myself as the refuse of the world and carry you as a treasure given to me by God that if anything is said of me when I die, it will be that he loved his wife. 

And I promise you, I will never love another. I will never look to another. You alone will be the sight of my heart as I give it to you this day 

And indeed until death take me from you I will be your husband no matter the suffering, no matter the weight of the World I will lead our family toward Christ and the goal to honor Him and know Him. 

Gabby's vows

Cade, words cannot describe how much I love you and how thankful I am for the time we’ve already gotten to spend together. You have pledged to me your life and love, so I too gladly give you mine.

As we enter upon the privileges and joys of life’s most holy relationship and begin together the great adventure of building a Christian home, I will look to you as head of our home, as I have looked to Christ as head of His Church.

I submit myself unto you & it is my desire and delight to follow the Word of The Lord with you, as we try to navigate through this life.

I pray to faithfully fulfill my place as your wife; to be your helper, to be by and on your side, to always choose you first, to love and honor you, and to be faithful to you always.

Through the pressures of the present and the uncertainties of the future, I am confident that you are the one the Lord has made for me.

You are my best friend and I cannot wait to live this life out with you.

You will forever and always be my greatest gift.

Danny Merrell photo
Danny Merrell photo

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